Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1/2 of a year....happy half birthday

can you believe that it has been over 6 months since we brought our little roly poly into this world? 6 months = 26 weeks = 182 days! i can't believe it, apparently though it has happened.  and showing no signs of stopping, since she has actually been 6 months old for 5 days.  so here is our update...

weight: 18 lbs, 12 oz (90th percentile)
height: 26.75" (90th percentile)  
medical: we had our first medical run in this month...hand, foot, and mouth disease.  she apparently picked this up from daycare before we left for vacation, and started feeling the effects on the last day of our trip.  this caused a nasty rash (from head to toe...not just hand and feet and mouth) and a very ill feeling baby.  she somehow dodged the fever part of the disease though, so I guess it could have been worse.

sleep: our sleep issues did not improve through the 6th month.  i had a middle of the night feeding EVERY single night between 4 and 6 months.  and like magic, in the last 4 nights, she has decided to stay asleep until at least 5 am every night.  we are prepared to try the cry it out method if needed to eliminate that mid night feeding. 

clothes/diapers: 9-12 months depending on the brand. size 2 diapers (although we still use cloth, only disposables at night).

diet: we have started food.  we started giving rice cereal with milk at supper time about half way through last month.  last week we started working in veggies.  so far she has tried sweet potatoes, avocado, and banana.  i hope/plan to make our own baby food.  so far this hasn't been bad (steam, food processor, freeze).  i assume she will want to start eating some cereal or something for breakfast soon enough.  she has also started learning how to drink water out of a sippy cup. this was a HUGE month for these major growing milestones.

milestones: rolling (both ways, although she still RARELY rolls front to back), scooting (backwards), sitting (pretty well, unassisted), growling, sippy cup, putting feet in mouth (along with anything else that she puts her hands on)
she actually prefers drinking this way over the sippy cup...sippy cups are for babies

likes: RIGSBY...she thinks he is hilarious, the bouncer, "peek a boo", bath time (or really anytime she is naked), being outside 

dislikes: getting hot (ie the beach), being patient
shade made baby HAPPY

family: it was a huge month for family milestones.  first vacation, first illness, figuring out how to incorporate baby food/eating into our meal time, etc etc.  i decided to learn how to play golf, so we spent several days at the driving range and even took C to play golf...i'm hoping we can keep squeezing in practice opportunities, because 1) it was fun, 2) i need a lot of practice.

pa went golfing with us too, C kept score