Sunday, September 29, 2013

9 months

it's official...charlee has been out as long as she was in! 9 months old.  I can't  believe we are right around the corner from her first birthday. here is the update as of 9 months

weight: 21 lbs 6 oz (90th %)

height: 28.25" (also 90th %)
medical: 9 month check up went well.  Dr. Good said she was developing right on track! she had a flu shot and a finger prick to check hemoglobins (all good!).  she cut 2 teeth this month...within 4 days of each other.  once we could see them, they were through within a day.  no signs of any more coming soon.

check out them teeth!

sleep: slept really good this month.  8:30 to 6ish.  down to one nap per day most days (plus sleeping in the car to and from day care)

clothes/diapers: mostly 12 month clothes, size 3 diapers. after taking almost a month off from cloth diapering during the diaper rash, we started cloth again.  still going well. 

diet: she has the best baby appetite i have ever seen.  so far we haven't found anything she doesn't like (she even ate peaches that she originally denied).  we have started introducing finger foods (puffs, bread, pasta, cheese) and she really likes feeding herself. still eating mostly homemade baby food with the occasional pouch. 

milestones: walking on the push walker, cruising along furniture, started saying "ma ma" for a purpose.

likes: trying to crawl into the dishwasher, picking toys out of her basket, rigsby, being tickled, bath time in the big girl bath, looking at the baby in the mirror, noise making toys, miss debbie at daycare, the remote


dislikes: waiting on food to be fixed, sitting still during diaper changes, having the TV remote taken away

Sunday, September 8, 2013

8 month update

continuing on with my catch up session.  between 7 and 8 months was a really fun time.  she was learning new stuff everyday.  we have an incredibly curious and talented little baby, and this month she showed us that.

weight: somewhere just over 20 lbs...let's call it 20.5 lbs

height: i don't have the slightest clue.  her knees are folded in the baby bathtub and her toes try to poke out of her i assume she is still on the tall side.

medical: we continued to battle the dreaded diaper rash this month.  we switched to all disposable diapers so we could tank up on the creams.  we have tried desitin, beudreauxs, A&D, Aquaphor mixed with mylanta....and a prescription.  we are seeing improvement thank heavens! C got the head cold / viral FUNK this month.  It was the sickest she has been so far, and it was pitiful.  We saw Dr. Good, but there wasn't anything he could do about it.  She had so much congestion it was backing up and pouring out of her eyes.  Here's to hoping she doesn't have to go through that ever again.  I also suspected she was teething this month (diaper rash, cranky, chewing on everything), although Chuck would say I have said that every month since birth.  Since I am writing this almost a month late...spoiler alert....I WAS just took a little more time (stay tuned for next month's update)

sleep: we traveled quite a bit this month, and she was sick for a couple weeks, so needless to say this was not our best sleep month.  we are still doing the "cry it out" thing, but with some boundaries.  i didn't let her cry while she was sick.  she is still a good sleeper, down around 8:30, up around 6:30.  1-2 naps a day.

clothes/diapers: 9-12 months depending on the brand. size 3 diapers..she upsized during the month.  All disposables this month due to the rash...and those jokers are expensive!

diet: we have tried lots of fruits, veggies, and started working on puffs this month.  she has fun trying to figure out how to feed herself (and rigsby!).  still a great eater, likes everything we try.  I am still making her food, except when we travel. 

milestones: pulling up (on EVERYTHING), this came about a week after crawling. self feeding

likes: eating, drinking from the sippy cup, playing with "Gerry" the giraffe above her changing table, any ridiculous silly games/noises you make, "helping" in the kitchen with plastic spoons and bowls, stroller rides / walks, visiting with family!

dislikes: being alone/put down in the mornings

7 month update (2 months late)

since it has been 2.5 months since i have posted and 2 "month" is official that I am a terrible blogger....but i think i already knew that.  i guess i'll post 7 and 8 months separately...that way I don't mix it up.  forgive me if i talk about 7 month milestones in 8 months, or vica versa...but you won't really know anyway.

so here we go.  7 months (aka July 20, 2013)

weight: somewhere near 20 lbs...
height: LONG...i assume she is still near 90th percentile 
medical: happy healthy baby. we had a run in with diaper rash for the first time...and if you are still reading at the 8 month update you will hear more about this...overall...very very healthy

sleep: we decided to "cry it out" from 6 months on. my rule of thumb was that if she woke up after 5 AM, i would get up with her, if it was before we would let her cry.  we only let her cry for 15 minutes at a time before we go up there and comfort her...thankfully we have never had to do this more than once. she has been sleeping pretty good now...still working on sleeping through the night

clothes/diapers: 9-12 months depending on the brand. size 2/3 diapers..she upsized during the month.  

diet: we have started food.  she has made her way through many fruits and far peaches is the only thing she doesn't like.  she is a great eater, and is always ready to try something new.  i have home made all of her food so far, except for cereal she eats in the mornings.  

milestones: this was the month of mobility.  she went from being able to move around a little, to full on crawling. with crawling came sitting up.  so she can go from back to belly to crawling to sitting and back to belly...there is really no stopping her now.  que the baby proofing. she also became a lot more "vocal" this month, which included a lot of growling(?)...i guess she is just testing her range.

likes: eating, drinking from the sippy cup, playing with "Gerry" the giraffe above her changing table, bath time, trying to pet rigsby, being in the stroller

dislikes: she is starting to become impatient during diaper changes, being put down in the mornings while we get ready for work, swimming!