Thursday, October 3, 2013

mobility... a series of really bad iphone pictures and videos.  our journey through mobility is not over, but we've come so far, so fast that I think it is worth talking about.  c started showing signs of wanting to "crawl" really early (i actually know NOTHING about early childhood development, but it seemed early to me).  before 7 months she was up on hands and knees.

her first move was somewhere between "planking" and attempting a push up.  
 then she stayed on her knees, and just bobbed back and forth
at some point she started moving her feet but not her hands and she would end up in a downward dog position...not sure why I don't have a picture of this phase.

finally the hands started to catch up
then it was full on crawling! everywhere.  

literally days after she figured out crawling, she pulled up on the coffee table, then the ottoman, then the crib...and so on. 

 the same day we bought a push walker, she push walked (i'm not bragging, but this kid is GIFTED)

i think i know what is next, but i'm in no hurry.  maybe she walks soon, maybe she waits another few months! either way, we think she is the smartest baby ever.  right now crawling gets her everywhere she wants to be
we're in trouble