Friday, May 31, 2013

a day in the life...

i have seen posts like this on other blogs and i'm fascinated by the schedules of each baby.  i wish i would have done one of these earlier, just to see how things have changed (because they have).  what never ceases to amaze me is the fact that we spend literally 95% of our waking hours either working or with c....sometimes I wonder what we used to do.  so this schedule is a typical day in our current situation (this gives/takes from week to week, but this is typical).

  • 5:34am, my alarm goes off.  i need to get up now so that all three of us can get ready and we can be at work by 8...i hit snooze.
  • 6:00am, chuck's alarm goes off.  sometime between now and 6:15 i get out of bed and hit the shower
  • 6:30, charlee starts to stir in her crib
  • 6:35, charlee is ready for the day.  i head upstairs, change her, nurse her, and get her ready for school (sometimes chuck does the changing and dressing part)
  • 7:00, we are starting to scramble. we would like to leave the house about 7:10-7:15.  things that are happening now: packing lunch, packing my pump and supplies, packing charlee's bag for the day (diapers, wet bag, milk, extra clothes, etc), ironing clothes, packing workout bags
  • 7:30, we leave the house. later than we want
  • 7:45, drop charlee off at daycare.  we tag team it, and we can do it quick
  • 8:07, (it is always 8:07).  get to work
  • 8:07-4:45 WORK.  during the day charlee eats at 10, 1, and 4; i pump at 9:30, 12:30, and 3:30
  • 5:00 pick charlee up at school
  • 5:30, get home and unpack.  play with rigsby.  play with charlee.  sit on the deck, enjoy a beverage

  • 6:00, nurse charlee (or solid food, we have just started this routine)

  • 6:15, start to figure out what we are going to eat **sometimes we don't eat, sometimes we cook, sometimes we go out.  it usually happens between 6-8
  • 8:00, bathtime, story time
  • 8:15-8:30, nurse charlee, put her to bed.  she usually goes down easy after eating.  i have heard this is a bad habit...but it works for us.
  • 9:30-10, go to bed
  • do it all over again...

and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

starting solids

according to chuck, rice cereal does not count as a solid.  the consistency was runny; as it is supposed to be in the early stages, and more closely resembled a liquid than a solid, baby food world.  we have started solids.  i guess it was anti climatic for some of our family, because I didn't translate the vision properly.  chuck was thinking:

when all he got was:

i stalled on the food front.  several other babies in her class are eating food.  depending on what you read, somewhere between 4-6 months is the right time.  we are a little over 5 months, and i decided we were ready.  c was definitely ready, she took it like a champ.  sure, she spit it all over the place, but by the time we finished with the first serving, i think she was actually swallowing some.  my plan is to keep with the rice cereal for another couple of weeks, and then transition into fruits and veggies around 6 months.  we will see how this does add a whole other layer of STUFF (bowls to wash, high chairs to clean, bibs to wash, sticky baby to wipe, groceries to buy...).

we tried the sippy cup with water last week also...not sure how successful we were there.  she's gonna need some practice...and patience.

in other news...we had a mini photo shoot for memorial day after we spent most of the day outside.  c stayed in her tent we bought to use at the beach; you could say this was a trial run for the was HOT! she did pretty well...the wet rag bonnet was a hit.

look at those curls..i'm in trouble

Thursday, May 23, 2013

5 months - how in the heck did 5 months pass?

weight: somewhere around 17 lbs
height: I'm guessing she hasn't grown too much in a month, so probably still around 25-26"

medical: nothing major, we have started to get used to the snuffles/cough/snot that comes right along with daycare.  the humidifier and bulb booger sucker have become our best friends.

sleep: just before I wrote my last monthly update she has started waking up once in the early morning hours...well, this hasn't stopped.  I have read lots about sleep regression as she grows and I think this is just part of the game.  It may be because she is getting hungry, who knows...but she does wake up usually sometime between 3 and 6 am.  I have started trying not to feed her before 5 am, just so she doesn't get used to a feeding at that hour...i'm figuring this one out as I go...

clothes/diapers: 6-9 months depending on the brand. size 2 diapers (although we still use cloth, only disposables at night).

diet: exclusively breastmilk still.  I'm on the verge of really wanting to push solid food, but I am trying to wait until 6 months.  There really isn't too much of a hurry, she has her whole life to eat food...right? depending on what you read, sometime between 4-6 months is the right time to start.  my thought at this point is that we will start with rice cereal about 6 months and then add in veggies soon after.

milestones: rolling (she rolls back to front almost every time you put her down, but can't get back over...), she has started sitting unassisted (still working on this one), putting EVERYTHING in her mouth, trying to drink water out of a sippy cup
likes: RIGSBY...she thinks he is hilarious, being talked to, "peek a boo", bath time (or really anytime she is naked), stroller
naked baby
dislikes: being left alone (or put down), the booger sucker
family: sometimes i wonder what we used to do with all of our, we have no time.  we all her waking hours in her face playing and cuddling (we really one get about 3 hours with her in the afternoon) and then we spend the rest of the evenings doing laundry, folding laundry, stuffing diapers, washing bottles, and cleaning up.  wouldn't trade it for anything...maybe one day i will cook a meal again...maybe not.

this is the general posture for "sitting"...she kinda folds in half

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

wonder week

Ever heard of a wonder week? yeah, me niether! that is, until i started googling things like "why is my 4 month old not sleeping through the night?" / "my good sleeping baby stopped" / or "4 month old waking started waking after sleeping through the night"

google results..."wonder week 19" / "4 month sleep regression"

turns out this is common.  here is the quick version, i'll summarize since i have now read LOTS on the wonder weeks.  babies go through certain periods where their development is increasing more than normal.  they learn a whole lot in a short amount of time (the wonder week or weeks) and then they return to a normal stable growth rate.  so why would this cause them to stop sleeping through the night? they are hungry! why are they hungry? because they are learning so much, that learning trumps eating during the day.  they are distracted, they are curious, and they forget to finish eating...therefore leaving them hungry at night. 

i can vouch for us.  every night for over a week now, i have gotten up to feed c.  now i'm not trying to be all "woe is me", i'm just stating facts.  she slept through the night, every night for at least 2-3 months, then she starts waking up every night. obviously i'm going to turn to my trusted learning tool (google) to figure this out. 

here is a chart i found online...there are several wonder weeks in the first years of life.  week 19 is actually the fourth. those little storm clouds are the "peak" of the developmental leap.  our "storm cloud", if you will, occurred at 18 weeks.

this is nothing more than a public service announcement for those with youngins' or those who may have them soon.  it fascinated me.  and i can also vouch for the fact that C is learning more right now than she has yet...she is hitting milestones FAST...and she is distracted....and it's awesome.  I guess i'm more than ok to get up at 4 am every morning to feed her if she keeps learning like she has been. 

some funny things i should write down or i may forget:
  • she has started laughing a rigsby, almost every single time she sees him (i guess i think he is funny too). 
  • she grabs your finger now and puts it where she wants it (her mouth mostly)
  • she has started vocalizing with different voice tones, her newest a loud "ACK" sound, half laugh/half scream that she does quite frequently
  • she holds onto her feet or calves when you change her diaper...maybe she thinks she is helping
  • the face she makes when she is intent on grabbing something that is not directly above her my phone sitting on the is a look of complete focus: mouth open, eyes wide...and then she is so proud when she gets it.
look at that concentrating face...she loves him.  he was even laying on her legs
press on wonder week...she just keeps getting cooler!!
"i got this mom, just keep on with your cooking...i'll just chill up here on the counter"
for all you bumbo judgemental folks: she was buckled in and never got out of my arms reach, but she was on the kitchen counter

all she needed was a shoe box to start bouncing

Thursday, May 2, 2013

4 some

4 months has come and gone...I did at least take the pictures on time.  We have had such a busy month. Chuck went to Augusta for the Masters; then ran in a half marathon in Knoxville, we traveled up for the weekend for that.  Both of us traveled for work leaving the other with the baby, and just last weekend we left her with my parents for the first time and we stayed in Nashville.  As hard as it is to be away from her...everyone survived.  We have done a few house projects. I took a new job when my manager left.  Charlee continues to grow and she keeps getting happier and happier.  It is truly amazing to watch her learn new stuff every single day; she is in a phase where she is really starting to figure things out. I want it to slow down...I don't think it will. 

weight: 15 lbs 8 ozs as of exactly 4 months...according to the doctor (80th percentile)

height: 25.75" (90th percentile!?!)

medical: NONE! as long as i keep my diet no/low diary and eggs everyone seems to be happy.  we have suffered through a slight case of cradle cap this month, but that is pretty much under control also. 

sleep: still sleeping well.  she has moved her bedtime up to about 8:30-9:00 and sleeps until it is time to go to day care (except for the last 2 nights when she has woke up at 2 am...).  we stopped swaddling her early in month 4 and that caused no set backs. she turns round and round at night in the bed.

clothes/diapers: 6-9 months depending on the brand.

diet: exclusively breastmilk still

milestones: laughing (real giggles!), rolling from side to side, playing with her feet, holding her own bottle, and she rolled front to back one time - yesterday. 

likes: watching tv, "peek a boo", sitting upright, looking at books, laughing at rigsby

dislikes: tummy time and anything that requires patience 

Mommy: back to work, busy as ever.  back (even below) prepregnancy weight. starting to miss working out. 

ok, one more...or two...or four

Knoxville, cheering on Daddy in the half marathon

chillin while mom trims the hedges 

sumo baby :)
i love this child!!