30 in 30

Below is my list of 30 things to accomplish in the next 30 weeks (i.e. before BABY!).  These are in no particular order and as we complete them I will try to come back and update the list.

1. decorate the nursery (this one is in the works)
2. buy office furniture and finish the office
3. unpack/furnish the bonus room / "in law" suite
4. improve my "green thumb" and lay a border around our flowerbed
5. travel - antigua, san diego, and destin
6. eat at Pasta Italia...again (this one isn't going to happen...pasta italia closed...and i am sad!)
7. start the basement remodel
8. keep up with my pregnancy journal
9. host a holiday for the WHOLE family (this will most likely be Christmas)
10. go to a braves game
11. visit Huntsville, at least 3 2  1 times
12. sell the lake house
13. buy new master bedroom bedding
14. enlarge/frame at least one wedding picture
15. paint master bathroom
16. fondue at home
17. eat at foodworks
18. cut the dead tree beside our driveway
19. read a book about baby routines/schedules 
20. recycle the stack of boxes in our garage
21. go to the driving range
22. watch a UAH softball fall game
23. extend our driveway
24. host a party for friends
25. learn to brew beer (this will be chuck's)
26. watch a movie at the theater and get popcorn
27. teach Rigsby to "meerkat"
28. buy window treatments and blinds
29. organize digital pictures and computer files
30. cook a meal that takes all day

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