Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2 months

here we are, over 2 months in.  i can't believe it.  chuck and i literally stare in disbelief at how much she has grown and changed since birth.  she is much more aware of her surrounding and it is freaking awesome watching her learn the world.  who knew (or would have thought) that I would be the kind of mom to get hung up on this kind of stuff...but i am.  i'm not ashamed at all to admit that i cry almost every day when i realize how fast this is all happening.  we love this child more than anything!

weight: 12 lbs at her 2 month appointment

height: i'm going to say 22", chuck is going to insist on more

medical: we have had a bit of a "whirlwind" medical month (nothing too serious) starting with a trip to the childrens ER. the simple diagnosis is that she has a intolerance to proteins in certain foods.  the tricky part has been trying to figure out what foods...so that I can cut them out of my diet.  so far we have eliminated all dairy and eggs and we still aren't 100% fixed.  this intolerance has cause lots of gas, fussiness, stomach aches, spit up, etc...so we are eager to get it figured out. otherwise, she is a healthy baby.  

sleep: still sleeping well.  we have actually moved her up to her nursery (since the 2 month mark) and she has transitioned very well.  she usually sleeps from about 9:30-10:00 PM to somewhere between 3:30-6:30 AM (I prefer the 6:30 days...) then will sleep again until about 9 AM.  

clothes/diapers: she is mostly 3 month clothing, but they are starting to get small.  she sleeps in size 1 diapers and we still do cloth during the day.

diet: exclusively breastmilk still

milestones: holding her head up really well during tummy time, cooing and smiling, 

likes: the swing, riding in the car, taking walks in the stroller

dislikes: being naked after bath time (although she likes bath time itself), being burped during feedings...simply because it is taking away from her eating!

mommy: i feel great! i got the "all clear" from the doctor at 7 weeks...i just haven't found my motivation to get back into the gym, i'm not sure if it is because I don't want to leave her or if I have just gotten used to not working out.  i'm hoping that the motivation will come on it's own and I won't have to force myself to start working out.  thankfully breastfeeding is taking care of most of the weight...the last few pounds are just going to be pesky and will require some toning to get my back to my old self. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

things to remember...and some to forget

after almost 2 months with our sweet baby it is almost impossible to remember life before her.  she has already changed so much in such a short time and there are so many things that i feel the need to write down so i don't forget! (and some that i'm sure i won't mind forgetting).  some of the things that i want to remember that i'm sure will change soon or already have:

  • the smell of her newborn hair
  • how warm and squishy her cheeks get while she is eating...when she finishes i rub my face all over her cheeks
  • the way she stretches in the morning when I first undo her swaddle blanket
  • the first few times she smiled and it was a giant mouth open grin...for no reason
  • the first bath that she took that she enjoyed the whole thing...no tears, no pooping, just relaxation
  • the first time chuck read her "pat the bunny" when she didn't cry at all...she has cried during every other book
and among the things i will happily forget:
  • her colicky time almost every night between 6 and 9
  • the projectile poop that narrowly missed my mouth and landed on the bedspread
  • the countless times she throws up in my shirt right creating a puke stream in my bra
  • our first (and so far only) trip to the ER that lasted 6 hours in the middle of the night

Monday, February 11, 2013

what we've been up to lately

7, almost 8 weeks in! and while i am not compelled to write anything structured..here is some of the things we have been up to lately.

  • visiting LOTS of family and friends.  if you ever feel lonely, have a baby.  everyone who loves us has come to visit in the last couple of months. we are actually taking our first road trip on friday to gallatin...that may deserve a post of its own
  • smiling and "talking". C is now interactive.  she can pick out faces and voices, and she spends an awful lot of time smiling at the ceiling.  

i know it is blurry, but look at that face!

  • growing.  she weighs 10 lbs, 10 ozs; is wearing all 3 month clothing (and some 3/6); and eating lots to keep up with all her growing
  • getting out of the house.  we have gone to dinner, the grocery store, the doggy park, the doctor.  at least i don't feel trapped any more.  
  • talking to the pediatrician...a lot more than I have ever talked to a doctor of mine or a vet.  babies are complex, and as a parent you sure don't leave any symptoms untreated.  after spending a friday night in the ER, we learned that we *think* she has a milk protein intolerance.  which means no more dairy for me as long as i am breastfeeding.  that is HARD...oh how i love cheese! but again i would do pretty much anything for this face 

it was great to see all of my side of the family this weekend, we had a great time! the cheesy pizza and cheesecake and cupcakes looked fantastic...good thing i like these people. (note: there should be a picture with alex and C, but she got sickly and distanced herself)