Monday, October 22, 2012

the best kind of shower...

the kind of shower that involves cake and presents!!! saturday my amazing friends teamed up and threw me a kickass baby shower! they seriously went all out and i have been kicking myself for 2 days for not bringing my camera to prove it.  thankfully mom did get some pictures on her iphone so i can prove that this shower did happen and that it did indeed kick ass...but i wish i had more pictures! i even got a diaper cake for goodness' sake...who doesn't love a diaper cake!! (too bad i would rather stare at it than use it's contents...i'm not sure how long chuck is going to let it serve as our dining room table centerpiece...)

the party started with food...lots of food.  there were at least 10 different appetizer options, cake, cookies, oreo balls, and tons of candy to graze upon.  i must admit, i probably ate more dessert than i did regular regrets here! check out this cake Mary had made for the event...her baker even mimicked the fabrics i am using in the nursery on the frosting...(ignore the fact the Spearman may or MAY NOT have the R in it...)

after food, all the guests took turns painting customized onesies for Charlee.  they turned out really good, and the event did not fail to entertain! next we played a quick game of "who knows mommy best" shouldn't surprise anyone that my own mommy took home the grand prize....i think i woud be a little hurt if she hadn't.

next up was gifts! we got so much stuff! thankfully many of these girls know WAY more about parenting than i do and hooked me up with all kinds of goodies! charlee got toys, books, clothes, and all kinds of other stuff.  i was so excited Sunday, i washed all her clothes and assembled her swing (our house will never be the same).

i can't thank everyone enough for throwing me such an fantastic shower! my friends never cease to amaze me with their awesomeness! all we need now is a BABY!

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