Tuesday, November 20, 2012

lots to be thankful for

every. single. time. i check my facebook i learn all the things my friends are thankful for! apparently they are all going to be thankful for exactly 30 things, one for each day this month.  while it would totally go against everything i stand for to participate in that social shenanigan...i do have lots to be thankful for! to name a few:

1) i found myself complaining yesterday because charlee has made a sore spot on the inside of my belly from her incessant punching!! COMPLAINING! good lord, not only have i been blessed enough to create a human being, but she is healthy enough to treat me like a punching bag...no more complaining about that! (and PS, for all those on Breech baby watch 2012, we will have an update tomorrow at 3 pm)

2) family. in the true spirit of the holiday season i get to see a whole bunch of family this week.  the sis and law made an appearance at our house Sunday, and the whole Gianelli brood will be coming through on Thursday.  We hope to see the rest of my crew on Friday for a big ol turkey filled feast!!

3) and speaking family coming into town, i'm thankful we have been blessed enough to be able to own the house that we have so that they can come to! we have spent the last 11 months remodeling, renovating, decorating, and creating the house of our dreams! we love every single room now (some more than others!), and i'm thankful that we live there (i would be more thankful if we could sell our house in florence...)

4) friends.  we seriously have the best friends on the planet.  as if i didn't already know that, i was reminded several times in the last month as they hosted baby showers for us and the bambino!

so there you have it! call me emotional (i blame the hormones!), but we are some lucky people! i can't wait to share the love with this stubborn baby girl! and just because i know you want some pictures...here is a sneak peek from the maternity shoot.  there will be more, believe me...

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