Monday, February 11, 2013

what we've been up to lately

7, almost 8 weeks in! and while i am not compelled to write anything is some of the things we have been up to lately.

  • visiting LOTS of family and friends.  if you ever feel lonely, have a baby.  everyone who loves us has come to visit in the last couple of months. we are actually taking our first road trip on friday to gallatin...that may deserve a post of its own
  • smiling and "talking". C is now interactive.  she can pick out faces and voices, and she spends an awful lot of time smiling at the ceiling.  

i know it is blurry, but look at that face!

  • growing.  she weighs 10 lbs, 10 ozs; is wearing all 3 month clothing (and some 3/6); and eating lots to keep up with all her growing
  • getting out of the house.  we have gone to dinner, the grocery store, the doggy park, the doctor.  at least i don't feel trapped any more.  
  • talking to the pediatrician...a lot more than I have ever talked to a doctor of mine or a vet.  babies are complex, and as a parent you sure don't leave any symptoms untreated.  after spending a friday night in the ER, we learned that we *think* she has a milk protein intolerance.  which means no more dairy for me as long as i am breastfeeding.  that is HARD...oh how i love cheese! but again i would do pretty much anything for this face 

it was great to see all of my side of the family this weekend, we had a great time! the cheesy pizza and cheesecake and cupcakes looked fantastic...good thing i like these people. (note: there should be a picture with alex and C, but she got sickly and distanced herself)

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