Sunday, September 8, 2013

8 month update

continuing on with my catch up session.  between 7 and 8 months was a really fun time.  she was learning new stuff everyday.  we have an incredibly curious and talented little baby, and this month she showed us that.

weight: somewhere just over 20 lbs...let's call it 20.5 lbs

height: i don't have the slightest clue.  her knees are folded in the baby bathtub and her toes try to poke out of her i assume she is still on the tall side.

medical: we continued to battle the dreaded diaper rash this month.  we switched to all disposable diapers so we could tank up on the creams.  we have tried desitin, beudreauxs, A&D, Aquaphor mixed with mylanta....and a prescription.  we are seeing improvement thank heavens! C got the head cold / viral FUNK this month.  It was the sickest she has been so far, and it was pitiful.  We saw Dr. Good, but there wasn't anything he could do about it.  She had so much congestion it was backing up and pouring out of her eyes.  Here's to hoping she doesn't have to go through that ever again.  I also suspected she was teething this month (diaper rash, cranky, chewing on everything), although Chuck would say I have said that every month since birth.  Since I am writing this almost a month late...spoiler alert....I WAS just took a little more time (stay tuned for next month's update)

sleep: we traveled quite a bit this month, and she was sick for a couple weeks, so needless to say this was not our best sleep month.  we are still doing the "cry it out" thing, but with some boundaries.  i didn't let her cry while she was sick.  she is still a good sleeper, down around 8:30, up around 6:30.  1-2 naps a day.

clothes/diapers: 9-12 months depending on the brand. size 3 diapers..she upsized during the month.  All disposables this month due to the rash...and those jokers are expensive!

diet: we have tried lots of fruits, veggies, and started working on puffs this month.  she has fun trying to figure out how to feed herself (and rigsby!).  still a great eater, likes everything we try.  I am still making her food, except when we travel. 

milestones: pulling up (on EVERYTHING), this came about a week after crawling. self feeding

likes: eating, drinking from the sippy cup, playing with "Gerry" the giraffe above her changing table, any ridiculous silly games/noises you make, "helping" in the kitchen with plastic spoons and bowls, stroller rides / walks, visiting with family!

dislikes: being alone/put down in the mornings

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