Friday, January 25, 2013

1 month

Actually, it has been 5 weeks, but lets backtrack 5 days to January 20; one month after our sweet C's birthday.  So let's capture some of the things we have gone through during month one (and I'll do my best to keep this under 10000 words) so we don't forget this time, because let's be honest it is mostly a blur...we are truly blessed with a really healthy and talented baby (i'm sure everyone says/thinks this, but we really are).  she rolled over from her tummy to her back when she was 4 days old at the pediatrician's office.  she may have even been able to do it earlier, but i'm not sure we put her down for the first 4 days! our doctor, dr. good (which we love!), was impressed at this skill and said most babies can't pull that off until 3 or 4 months.  she flipped many more times, so it wasn't just a fluke! we do "tummy time" every day and for the most part she doesn't seem to hate it.

she likes getting her hair washed and brushed, the faces she makes while we do it are priceless.  we are slowly figuring out bathtime so it is enjoyable for all parties.  she sneezes and hiccups all the time.  she has at least 5 different cries, and one (which i think is just "talking") is so cute I just stare at her while she does it (i know, bad mom!).  big brother (rigsby) has really started to not only like her, but to watch over her and love on her.  he will stick his head in the pack and play at night at least once to make sure she is ok and he loves giving her "kisses" on the face and head.  we are so glad that they make a good pair, because we were a little nervous how he would transition to not being an only "child".

we have had CONSTANT visitors for the first month, but we love the time with friends and family.  i'm thankful we have so many people who want to see us and C (mostly C).

by the end of the first month, her head has become pretty stable and I'm glad you can pick her up without fearing that her head is going to fall off (kidding, mostly).  her hands, feet, eyes, ears, chin, and hair all take after daddy; while i get to claim nose and mouth!

she slept most of the day for the first week or two, but now she stays awake for long periods of time.  daddy went back to work after 3 weeks so it is just me and her during the day.  her most active time is between 9-12 during the day...i wish chuck got to see her more during this time, it is amazing how more alert and interactive she gets each day.

weight: 8 lbs, 14 ozs at the one month doctors appointment

height: somewhere between 21-22 inches depending on who you talk to.  chuck insists on 22"! let's put it this way, she no longer fits in newborn clothes length wise.

medical: healthy little baby.  she gets gassy sometimes, but who doesn't.  we are scheduled for a hip ultrasound at 6 weeks, but this is mostly protocol since she was born breech. the doc thinks her hips feel great.  we love seeing the doc, and so far it has been more than pleasant getting in and out of the office

sleep: she is a really great sleeper.  from the time we brought her home (with the exception of the first night), she has slept 3-4 hour increments with an occasional 5 or 6 hours spurt.  she is sleeping in the pack and play in our room.  at night, i lay in bed and nurse her until she is asleep, then we swaddle and go to bed (no pacifier yet).  she usually puts herself right back to sleep.

clothes/diapers: she outgrew newborn clothes after 3 weeks (lengthwise), her feet and legs were about to bust the seams.  some 0-3 stuff is still too big, but we are wearing it anyways.  still in newborn size diapers.  we started transitioning to cloth after her stump fell off at 3 weeks and so far, so good.  it will be awhile before we go full time cloth, especially since we have about 100 newborn diapers left.  (i need to do a whole post on cloth diapering and my thoughts on it)

diet: exclusively breastmilk, and thankfully both her and I like it.  we have had very little issues.  I bought a pump after a week or two, but I hate it and I haven't really found my groove with it...I may just have to take off work until she weans :)

milestones: first bath, first time rolling front to back, first walk in the stroller

likes: the swing AKA the lifesaver!, propping up in the boppy pillow, getting hair washed and brushed, sleeping on daddy's chest, getting to "ride" in the sling/carrier, walks (or anything outside)

dislikes: diaper changes (or being naked in general)

mommy: my surgery recovery lasted for a week or so.  i felt pretty good about 5 days after birth, and felt really good 14 days after birth.  after 2 weeks i had lost 18 of my 27 pounds and i haven't weighed since.  breastfeeding is going well.  i have only left the house once or twice without her and i instantly want to go back home! i have shocked myself and others with my "mommy instincts" we must remember that I had never even changed a diaper until C was born.  so far, so good!

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