Wednesday, January 30, 2013

6 weeks in...must haves!

Obviously I have only been a parent for 6 weeks now so that does not qualify me to know everything about babies and the products that they need, but I have learned a thing or two in a short amount of time.  Of the most important lessons thus far:
1) use diapers that fit...regardless of how many of one kind you have, if they don't fit good you will regret the decision to use them...there is no amount of money that is worth cleaning baby poop off your child, their clothes, the sheets, etc in the middle of the night (multiple times...).  with that said, if they are too big or just fit awkwardly, wait a week or two and they will fit different.
2) keep a burp cloth handy at all times.  period.

now for the products I have learned to love.  Again, I'm sure these are not universal and some babies may require a whole different list, but for us, if any of these went missing right now...I may die. Consider this my're welcome brands!

1) Fisher Price My Little Lamb Platinum Edition Cradle N' Swing
This thing is on at our house at least 3-4 times a day...some days it is on more than it is off.  C likes to move...all the time and this thing does the trick.  She has just found the mobile and lights and that adds a whole other distracting dimension.  This is a staple in our living room and probably will be for a while.  In the first weeks she would sleep in this for the first stint at night if we couldn't get her down in bed..and it works!

2) Summer Infant Swaddleme
We have 3 of these and they are on  a 3 man rotation...we don't go a night without them.  We tried to swaddle with a blanket the first night home and quickly learned that A) we aren't as good as the nursery nurses and B) we are ok with that as long as these exist.  Simply enough, we use these for night time sleeping and it just seems to work.

3) Britax B Ready stroller with bassinet
Although we haven't got to go on too many walks since the weather has been miserable most of her life, she loves the times we have used the stroller.  I think she likes it even more in the bassinet because she gets to get out of the car seat and spread out for a while.  She falls asleep instantly in the bassinet. I can't wait to use this more when the weather improves.

4) Ergobaby Carrier
We have just started using the carrier in the last 2 weeks and is a silencer.  She can be screaming her head off and instantly shuts down as soon as she gets snuggled in.  Chuck wears it often while cooking, ironing, or just hanging it.

5) Iphone
I know, seems odd, but if I didn't have my phone during my middle of the night feedings I really don't know how I would stay awake.  I surf the Internet, read, play games, has been a lifesaver.  Not to mention in the early weeks when we were trying to find our groove with feeding, I used an app to keep track of feedings and diaper changes.  It helped me keep up with how much and when she fed, which was one less thing I had to process.

6) Graco Pack and Play with diaper changer
Considering our house is 2 levels and the master and nursery are not on the same level, having the pack and play in our room as a crib and changing station has been a lifesaver.  I can take 2 steps from my bed at night and be at her side.  Since we are very much still doing night time feedings this is incredibly useful.  We are hoping to transition to the crib soon enough, but even then it will be nice to have this for our frequent travels.  The diaper changer that attaches to the top has been worth it's weight as well.  I can't count the number of times that she has peed and filled the whole thing up...I can't imagine washing the comforter that many times if I was just using the bed to change her.

That's my list...I'm sure there will be more in the future, but for now...  a big thanks to the makers of all of these genius baby products!

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  1. She likes to move because you had her doing that in the womb..exercise, yoga, always on the go...the child doesn't know what being still is. And since she has been born she has been held and passed around so much she still thinks she is moving...