Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My perspective on a crappy subject (pun intended)

I promise to blog more. I know I've said that at least 10 times and I've only been blogging 10 months. Sue me, it's hard to be good at everything. But I do promise, and here is why...I sit in a closet room for at least an hour everyday pumping and I might as well put my time to good use (and who wants to actually work at work). I only have 2 male readers to my knowledge and I'm certain that mental picture didn't freak chuck out too too bad, so if it did my other bad (here's looking at you TJM).

Today I'm going to discuss my our choice to cloth diaper. First, I should preface this with a few things:
1. I'm not by any means a spokesperson for any of these companies
2. I'm not a cloth diapering Nazi... I haven't even tried it overnight yet
3. I could quit this whole thing at any minute and I wouldn't be too disappointed
Now I'm ready.  Way back when (even before I was pregnant) I read one of my old high school friends blogs randomly one day (because she promoted it well on facebook and i'm a sucker for good marketing) and she had posted an update about how cloth diapering was going for her.  Before this post, i knew absolutely nothing about the world of "modern" cloth diapering.  Now my devoted mother cloth diapered my butt 30 years ago, and although i don't remember it, i knew from seeing her supplies that this was a whole different ball game...and in a good way.  I was interested...

After loads of google research, because that is how I learn everything, several appealing reasons to cloth diaper prevailed: price, environmentally friendlier, price, less rash, did i mention price, oh and they are is undeniable. After learning research on the benefits, my searches turned to things like "can i handle cloth diapering", "how bad is cloth diapering", "is cloth diapering really worth the benefits" see where i'm going with this...I'm not going to act like a bad ass, i was scared i couldn't cut it.  I was the person, who at the time, had never changed a diaper. 

so here the gist (in 50 words or less), since most of the people who read this are family and beyond their child rearing years (not you Al) I don't have to sell it too hard...but there could be a few I sway, so i'll do my best.  The diapers I use are basically just like a disposable.  They dirty it, you take it off and get a new just don't throw it away.  I use what is called a pocket diaper (bumgenius and fuzzibunz, for those that care...I can go into more reviews later if needed).  it is a waterproof shell with a soft wicking layer on the inside, there is a hole in the back where you can stuff any number of inserts to soak up the pee (they come with 2 different inserts, 1 for newborn pee, one for big baby pee...we've already moved up to the bigger one).  when the diaper is dirty, you remove the insert from the hole, and wash both parts separately. are done!

did I mention they are cute??
so, how's it going for us? so far, so good.  we started using the cloth diapers right after her stump fell off at about 3 weeks (about 8 lbs).  we have used them 95% of the time during the day since then, but we haven't tried them at night yet.  I read a bunch of horror stories about the diapers leaking at night and I'm scared to mess up our sleeping streak.  We wash the diapers about every other day.  

So far i have spend $10 on disposable 3 months.  not too bad.  

look at that fluffy butt!!

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