Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3 months...a week too late

the difference between 2 months and 3 months is astounding.  maybe not as much physically as it has been developmentally.  at 2 months she had changed from a gangly looking newborn to a chubby, round baby.  now at 3 months, she continues to fill out (especially in the face...cue the cheek comments), but otherwise looks about the same.

but her development....oh watch out.  it is crazy that she can now hold her head up all on her own for a long period of helps that it essentially just props itself up on her shoulders...guess that is one perk of having a short neck and 3 chins.  she has pretty good control of both her arms and legs, and sometimes even "finds" them and realizes she can control them...

she can hold herself up really good on her tummy..

and she laugh and smiles all the time.  she definitely knows who her mommy and daddy are and will generally give us a smile if we act goofy enough. 

weight:  i'm guessing about 13.5 lbs (this is somewhat based on the weight her bath tub tells us, if you trust a digital scale on a plastic bath tub)

height: i'm going to say 23"

medical: we have a much better control on her dietary issues than we did last month.  i have tweaked my diet to cut out milk, cheese, butter, eggs, etc (all dairy)...which includes! (but not dark chocolate).  she is seemingly much better: happy, less spit up, less gas, less crazy big poopy diapers, etc.  

sleep: still sleeping well.  she usually sleeps from about 9-9:30 PM to somewhere between 6:30-7 AM.  Now that she is in daycare, 7 am is about as late as she can go and we still make it to work on time (well we haven't actually made it to work on time yet, but that is what I think).  Sometimes we have to WAKE her up!

clothes/diapers: she has pretty much moved out of anything that says 0-3, she can still wear some 3 month stuff.  sleepers or any full body outfit requires 6 month or it is too short...and I don't feel like she is a long baby??

diet: exclusively breastmilk still

milestones: blowing bubbles, holding head up steady, finding hands and feet, started daycare, grasping and holding toys, closely watching and following objects

likes: riding in the car, taking walks in the stroller, being talked to first thing in the morning (seriously the cutest thing ever), toys that make noise (oh how i wanted to avoid this), watching TV (i think this is similar to the noise toys...lights, movement, and noise. we don't even watch kids shows)

dislikes: being naked after bath time (although she likes bath time itself), being burped during feedings, tummy time

mommy: i went back to work right before she turned 3 months old.  it was hard.  i miss her during the day.  it was nice to feel like a gainfully employeed adult again.  most of my work clothes fit, although I have had to wear the belly band a few times with pants that don't want to button.  i am within 2 pounds of my pre pregnancy weight, but it is definitely shifted from muscle to clothes don't fit the same.  i have tried to start working out again, i usually get 1 or 2 30 minute workouts in during a week....not going to get back in shape at that pace, but you got to start somewhere right??

one more...because it is to die for

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