Monday, March 18, 2013

the first day of many

today was a big day....a big emotional day.  today, as we ALL (well minus rigs) pulled out of the driveway, we prepared our 3 month old for her first day of school. the first day of a routine that she will be in for the next 22 years of her life (if we are lucky she will graduate college by 22...).  that's big...that's especially big for a new mom and an emotional dad.

i'm here to report that we all survived.  yes, i called them before 10.  yes, i went to visit before 12.  yes, i threatened to leave chuck at work when his afternoon meeting ran late.  but we did make it.  and when we stepped foot in her class this afternoon she was laying on the floor looking at overhead toys (laying on the floor by herself without anyone giving her all of their attention!!).  miss debbie said she was a bit fussy at times, but took naps and ate well.  i'm calling it a win! now if i can just stand to take her back tomorrow...

here are some first day of school pictures; although i may be biased...I think she was the best dressed in the infant class.
i was perfectly willing to sit there all day and play...they were gently nudging us to leave

she can almost hold her head up enough for the bumbo chair....big girl

doesn't he look concerned? at this point i was about to pry her away from him

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