Tuesday, May 28, 2013

starting solids

according to chuck, rice cereal does not count as a solid.  the consistency was runny; as it is supposed to be in the early stages, and more closely resembled a liquid than a solid, BUT...in baby food world.  we have started solids.  i guess it was anti climatic for some of our family, because I didn't translate the vision properly.  chuck was thinking:

when all he got was:

i stalled on the food front.  several other babies in her class are eating food.  depending on what you read, somewhere between 4-6 months is the right time.  we are a little over 5 months, and i decided we were ready.  c was definitely ready, she took it like a champ.  sure, she spit it all over the place, but by the time we finished with the first serving, i think she was actually swallowing some.  my plan is to keep with the rice cereal for another couple of weeks, and then transition into fruits and veggies around 6 months.  we will see how this goes...it does add a whole other layer of STUFF (bowls to wash, high chairs to clean, bibs to wash, sticky baby to wipe, groceries to buy...).

we tried the sippy cup with water last week also...not sure how successful we were there.  she's gonna need some practice...and patience.

in other news...we had a mini photo shoot for memorial day after we spent most of the day outside.  c stayed in her tent we bought to use at the beach; you could say this was a trial run for the heat...it was HOT! she did pretty well...the wet rag bonnet was a hit.

look at those curls..i'm in trouble

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