Thursday, May 23, 2013

5 months - how in the heck did 5 months pass?

weight: somewhere around 17 lbs
height: I'm guessing she hasn't grown too much in a month, so probably still around 25-26"

medical: nothing major, we have started to get used to the snuffles/cough/snot that comes right along with daycare.  the humidifier and bulb booger sucker have become our best friends.

sleep: just before I wrote my last monthly update she has started waking up once in the early morning hours...well, this hasn't stopped.  I have read lots about sleep regression as she grows and I think this is just part of the game.  It may be because she is getting hungry, who knows...but she does wake up usually sometime between 3 and 6 am.  I have started trying not to feed her before 5 am, just so she doesn't get used to a feeding at that hour...i'm figuring this one out as I go...

clothes/diapers: 6-9 months depending on the brand. size 2 diapers (although we still use cloth, only disposables at night).

diet: exclusively breastmilk still.  I'm on the verge of really wanting to push solid food, but I am trying to wait until 6 months.  There really isn't too much of a hurry, she has her whole life to eat food...right? depending on what you read, sometime between 4-6 months is the right time to start.  my thought at this point is that we will start with rice cereal about 6 months and then add in veggies soon after.

milestones: rolling (she rolls back to front almost every time you put her down, but can't get back over...), she has started sitting unassisted (still working on this one), putting EVERYTHING in her mouth, trying to drink water out of a sippy cup
likes: RIGSBY...she thinks he is hilarious, being talked to, "peek a boo", bath time (or really anytime she is naked), stroller
naked baby
dislikes: being left alone (or put down), the booger sucker
family: sometimes i wonder what we used to do with all of our, we have no time.  we all her waking hours in her face playing and cuddling (we really one get about 3 hours with her in the afternoon) and then we spend the rest of the evenings doing laundry, folding laundry, stuffing diapers, washing bottles, and cleaning up.  wouldn't trade it for anything...maybe one day i will cook a meal again...maybe not.

this is the general posture for "sitting"...she kinda folds in half

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