Thursday, May 2, 2013

4 some

4 months has come and gone...I did at least take the pictures on time.  We have had such a busy month. Chuck went to Augusta for the Masters; then ran in a half marathon in Knoxville, we traveled up for the weekend for that.  Both of us traveled for work leaving the other with the baby, and just last weekend we left her with my parents for the first time and we stayed in Nashville.  As hard as it is to be away from her...everyone survived.  We have done a few house projects. I took a new job when my manager left.  Charlee continues to grow and she keeps getting happier and happier.  It is truly amazing to watch her learn new stuff every single day; she is in a phase where she is really starting to figure things out. I want it to slow down...I don't think it will. 

weight: 15 lbs 8 ozs as of exactly 4 months...according to the doctor (80th percentile)

height: 25.75" (90th percentile!?!)

medical: NONE! as long as i keep my diet no/low diary and eggs everyone seems to be happy.  we have suffered through a slight case of cradle cap this month, but that is pretty much under control also. 

sleep: still sleeping well.  she has moved her bedtime up to about 8:30-9:00 and sleeps until it is time to go to day care (except for the last 2 nights when she has woke up at 2 am...).  we stopped swaddling her early in month 4 and that caused no set backs. she turns round and round at night in the bed.

clothes/diapers: 6-9 months depending on the brand.

diet: exclusively breastmilk still

milestones: laughing (real giggles!), rolling from side to side, playing with her feet, holding her own bottle, and she rolled front to back one time - yesterday. 

likes: watching tv, "peek a boo", sitting upright, looking at books, laughing at rigsby

dislikes: tummy time and anything that requires patience 

Mommy: back to work, busy as ever.  back (even below) prepregnancy weight. starting to miss working out. 

ok, one more...or two...or four

Knoxville, cheering on Daddy in the half marathon

chillin while mom trims the hedges 

sumo baby :)
i love this child!! 

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