Wednesday, June 20, 2012

little house tweaks..

so you probably know that we bought a house in Chattanooga..  what you might not know if you haven't seen it, is that at least 2, if not 3 of our old houses would fit inside this new house. is huge! obviously when we moved in, we did not fill it up.  we bought quite a bit of furniture early on (think couch, love seat, coffee table, end table, console table, dining table/chairs, bedroom set (that was gifted..), rugs, THE. WHOLE. NINE. YARDS) but there is still lots to do. 

i decided this weekend, that unless I am proactive and actually decorate the house, it isn't going to happen.  so, i am taking baby steps to getting our house decorated.  this week, I started with the smallest room in the house, the half bath.  i didn't take a before/after picture because it was empty before! i didn't paint or change anything major (we had actually changed the light fixture in here before we ever moved in, yeah, the other was that bad!) so here it is...
crappy iphone picture

and if you can't envision it before...just pretend all these items aren't there

 I only got mildly creative when searching for a magazine holder, this is something I prefer not have in a bathroom, but in my house I either A) provide a holder or B) look at magazines on the floor.  I ended up buying a wine bottle holder which works perfectly as a magazine/towel/tp holder...CUTE!

so there is step one in our "decorate the house" plan.  i should mention, that all this (which you can't see the hand towels or trash can cost less than $75!

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