Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a post full of updates

If you have clicked on the "30 in 30" link at the top of the page ever (or recently would be better) you would find that out of the 30 projects I want to accomplish before baby, we HAVE actually knocked a few off the list...what you won't find is the 2 improvement projects that I have told you about on here (the guest bathroom and the one I am about to update you on).  The reason you won't find these...because they weren't a priority at the time I made the list, but if you know ANYTHING about Chuck and I, you know that we are spontaneous, instant-gratification seeking, non-sequence following DIY'ers! When we pass something at Lowes that catches our attention and we think we can pull it off, we buy it and do it! (whether we need it, want it, or even care about it).  A few examples of this:
1) deciding to paint our patio furniture while on the way to the grocery store on a 101 degree Saturday
2) purchasing a (as in ONE) door and hanging it at our Alabama house even before the demo was complete in the rest of the house so we could claim "victory" in one room
3) purchasing a dining room table and 8 chairs at least a month before we bought a house and damn near killing ourselves hauling it up and down 3 flights of apartment stairs TWICE just so we could have it RIGHT THEN!

this list could go on and on, but the moral of the story is, we have a LOT we want to do in our new house (way more than 30 things) so don't be surprised if everything I talk about in home improvements is NOT on the list....although I did buy master bedroom bedding and I love it...I shall update soon. So our latest home improvement was crown molding in the upstairs bedrooms: the nursery and the guest room AKA Dad's room.  This project started innocently enough in the lumber section of Lowe's when chuck was looking for something (still not sure what, since we got sidetracked) and ended up finding a "contractor's bundle" of crown molding for $66.  For $66 we got 8 pieces of 12' long crown; after price comparing with the individual pieces ($20 per piece for the same stuff), I declared it a shopping miracle and we grabbed it up and ran home.  At this point we had not measured either of our bedrooms upstairs, because we had no intention of completing this project; so we had no clue if 12' lengths would even work or not.  Call us lucky, because we had only one wall that was longer then 12' and therefore this project required only one trip back to Lowes (unless you count the 2nd return trip when Chuck somehow swindled me into letting him buy a $400 mitre saw when we had a perfectly good and FREE borrowed one in our house...I blame exhaustion, and pregnancy, BECAUSE I CAN).  I don't have pictures yet and I'll spare you all the details, but the finished product looks amazing and on a scale of 1 to 10 on difficultly,  I give it a in pretty damn easy!  If any of you are interested in our services, we have a dang good saw and for a nominal fee will gladly install crown molding all over your house, as long as you caulk (that part is boring!).

next brain! (I think this is what Plier called it, of course I can't remember...becuase I can't remember ANYTHING!).  I have a good memory.  If someone were to ask me "what are 3 things you are really good at?" I would respond: "eating, sleeping, and remembering stuff".  maybe. But regardless, I am usually not an airhead.  just this morning in a 5 minute window I:
1) almost left rigsby outside for the whole day before leaving for work (if you know rigsby, you know this would NOT go over all)
2) left my breakfast in the microwave after it cooked
3) forgot to put on my rings before leaving the house
and who knows what else...these are the things that I have figured out so far! this baby is making me crazy...i can't remember to do anything.  taking my vitamins on a daily basis is harder than memorizing the periodic table; remembering to put on deoderant (something I have done for at least 20 years now, daily) is like IMPOSSIBLE...i mean, I stink...all the time now!!!

with that said, life is still good in the world of pregnancy.  I started yoga yesterday, I hope to do it twice a week...this probably deserves a post all on it's own.  The one where I talk about learning to connect with my body and releasing all the evil toxins that could potentially cause me and baby harm...HA! I just want to be flexible so I still have a chance at reaching my feet 6 months from now...

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  1. Baby brain is correct :) and it only gets worse! I had to finish up my last semester of grad school with full on baby brain! Talk about crazy! I was skeptical of this at first, but it DOES happen! Oh, and good luck with the whole reaching your feet at 6 months.... I think that was when I gave up trying to paint my own toes. :)