Wednesday, July 25, 2012

i'm a bad blogger..

i have truly been an awful blogger the last few weeks, if you can even call me a blogger at all! I won't make excuses, because I really don't have a good one, but I'll simply say "we've been busy".  And that is no joke.  A quick update of all things going on:

1) I am 100% obsessed with all things baby and spend all of my free time looking/reading/researching on the Internet (which is probably why i haven't blogged). currently I am most obsessed with bedding and furniture
2) my dear friend Tanya sold my Huntsville lot in like 4 days (she must be the best realtor ever....would you please sell our Florence house for us??) and I close on it in 2 weeks
3) we have officially started the basement remodel.  some of you may have heard me say something like "well eventually we would like to finish our basement"...well eventually is NOW.  full on contractor/construction mode going on over there.  I swear I'll try to take pictures.
4) we spent a weekend in Mississippi with the Superman's and literally ended up with a tractor-trailer full of stuff...and there is no where to put it in the house.  every single room in our house has random stuff laying in it, and it is making me crazy
5) we started working on the nursery...and this will definitely get a post of it's own...because it is awesome already
6) I have had pretty severe pain in my ass/hip throughout this entire pregnancy and have now started seeking therapy from a chiropractor...I'm hoping for quick results.  chuck is going to the orthopedist for his shoulder, essentially we are getting old and falling apart
7) we purchased our stroller and car seat (actually mom and dad are generously reimbursing us for this purchase).  I couldn't wait for the registry, this sale was too dang good.  but I do plan on registering soon.

that is just a taste of what has been going on for the past few weeks...and just because posts without pictures ya go
15 week Ultrasound...look at that perfect baby i have made

The britax b-ready in several configurations and our "cowmooflouge" britax car seat

the nike booties and softball/baseball shoes i COULD NOT resist

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