Thursday, July 12, 2012

so much baby stuff... today is my 16 week update day, and I promise I will get to that (probably tonight so I can post a picture with it).  Don't fret, not that much has changed except my waist measurement!

the important thing is by now you ALL know that we are having a GIRL! which was a surprise as we were actually both hoping for a boy.  but that's what we get for wanting something (that is what the doctor said anyway).  it has been quite a blessing already...I have already found that shopping for a girl is going to be more fun than a boy.  and we realized all our friends have or are having girls with the exception of a she will have friends.  not like she wouldn't have friends otherwise, i'm sure she will be the coolest kid EVER (kinda like me!). 

i have had an intense, unrelenting desire to buy something since we found out...i'm sure that is normal, but I have been fighting it and it has resulted in massive amounts of google and etsy and pinterest is just a taste of what I am looking at
Baby Sling Wrap Carrier- Sadie - Ready to ship (modmum seller)

Couture Marie Antionette Ruffle Custom Crib Bedding (lottiedababy seller)

britax b-ready

boppy pillow

gdiapers (don't hate or judge me...yes I am looking at cloth diapers! this should shock NONE of you)

and it goes on and on and on...and I LOVE IT!

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