Tuesday, September 25, 2012

30 in 30 update

I wanted to show an update for my 30 in 30 list now that we are more than halfway through that time frame.  There is only about 13 weeks (give or take a few left) until D-day (also known as Christmas for all of you who have different priorities than me this year); so it is time for a reality check.  If you don't recall this list, or you haven't read this blog before; this was a list of 30 things I wanted to accomplish in the 30 weeks before baby arrived.  They range from home projects to food goals and everywhere in between.  So here is the list...with some commentary on a few items

1. decorate the nursery (this one is in the works)
2. buy office furniture and finish the office
3. unpack/furnish the bonus room / "in law" suite (we now have furniture in this room and we moved the couch out, but it is just thrown in there with no mattress or bedding...we are working on it)
4. improve my "green thumb" (we have successfully maintained an herb garden for most of the summer, and now i have kept mums alive for over a week...which is a record) and lay a border around our flowerbed
5. travel - antigua, san diego, and destin (planning for October)
6. eat at Pasta Italia...again (this one isn't going to happen...pasta italia closed...and i am sad!)
7. start the basement remodel
8. keep up with my pregnancy journal
9. host a holiday for the WHOLE family (this will most likely be Thanksgiving)
10. go to a braves game
11. visit Huntsville, at least 3 2  1 times
12. sell the lake house
13. buy new master bedroom bedding
14. enlarge/frame at least one wedding picture
15. paint master bathroom
16. fondue at home
17. eat at foodworks
18. cut the dead tree beside our driveway
19. read a book about baby routines/schedules (i started happiest baby on the block..not really about schedules, but it does give insight to routines.  i may read another if i feel good about it)
20. recycle the stack of boxes in our garage
21. go to the driving range
22. watch a UAH softball fall game
23. extend our driveway
24. host a party for friends
25. learn to brew beer (this will be chuck's)
26. watch a movie at the theater and get popcorn
27. teach Rigsby to "meerkat"
28. buy window treatments and blinds
29. organize digital pictures and computer files
30. cook a meal that takes all day

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