Tuesday, September 25, 2012

makings of the nursery PART 2

as I did in part 1 of the nursery series, i will give you an update on where we stand with respect to these 6 areas:
  1. Walls
  2. Furniture
  3. Bedding/Textiles
  4. Decor
  5. Functional Items (changing pads, organizers, nightlights, etc)
  6. Closet Organization
We haven't made MAJOR changes since the last post, but we have made progress in a few areas, so I want to keep everyone up to date.  eventually i will use a real camera (instead of my phone) and take good pictures of the whole room, but that will probably be when it is DONE. so here is the update..

Walls: this was complete in the first series.  we labored over our wainscoting, paint, and crown molding and I LOVE IT! I'm so glad we got motivated to do that before our basement project started, because it never would have happened otherwise.  you've seen the pictures, but you see the paint colors in the new pictures below

Furniture: We purchased furniture on Labor day...we weren't planning on it, but they had a sell and we were motivated shoppers.  I love the furniture we bought, I was looking at the exact stuff online but wasn't willing to wait for the 12 week delivery.  Children's Fair in Chattanooga had all three pieces in stock..YAY! we are still planning on squeezing in a glider somewhere in the room also.
gender role reversal...chuck taking pictures of me assembling the crib
pretty crib

    dresser/changer...there is also a chest but obviously it didn't make the picture cut.  stay tuned
Bedding/Textiles: The bedding is supposed to be finished in early October, but as you may have read, I have taken on some of the bedding projects myself.  To date, the only thing I have completed is a blanket/comforter for the crib but I still have GRAND plans of pillows.  See my blanket in the picture below...I can't explain how proud of myself that I am...who knew I could sew??? this picture also gives a few more sneaks at the fabrics for the nursery...although there is still more that I have yet to reveal!

my precious!!
Decor: After a shopping trip that included homegoods and ikea all in one weekend, I ended up with several decor items.  i bought a bunch of frames for a a gallery wall project as well as a mirror to hang on the wall.  which leads me to a question...how in the heck do i paint a glossy (plastic? not real sure about that) mirror frame without using spray paint, since that is likely unhealthy for the little bean inside of me.  leave comments if you have input...i need help. 

Functional Items: the light fixture is hung! (and amazing, i might add),  i bought her a nightlight at the recommendation of tiffany and joy, and i bought some hanging bucket organizers thingys for above the changing table...most of this has not been taken out of their boxes yet, but check out my light...

Closet Organization: i bought a set of mesh drawers at ikea, and then proceeded to stack a bunch of stuff on top of other stuff in the closet just so I could squeeze it in amongst the mess...and that was it.  I haven't put anything in it and have no idea what i may put in it...but i have it! clearly there is still a ways to go in closet organization... 
ALGOT Frame with 4 mesh baskets IKEA
IKEA Algot (similar to my set up) www.ikea.com

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