Tuesday, September 18, 2012

this week

apparently I am just not going to get around to doing a 25 week post.  I almost feel like I am cheating if I do one now since I am closer to 26 than 25...but in true "catch up" fashion, I'll let you in on WHY i have been such a slacker!  With the dawn of football season and the never-ending basement project, it has been more and more difficult to get my husband (AKA photographer) out of the basement and off of the couch to actually take my picture, you see where I'm going with this....it is all HIS fault! Thursday-Monday, everyday is dedicated at least partially to football and Saturday is sun up to sun down football...
here is Rigsby in his Saturday best...supporting the bulldogs!

this weekend was also out for me, Tiffany and Joy came to visit and we headed out early Saturday morning for a FULL day of shopping and baseball in Atlanta.  (seriously, if you ever want to go to IKEA, go with these 2, they are pros!)  we had lots of fun and I won the award for spending the most money! check out my loot. 

lots of nursery storage, picture frames, and some other goodies!
this trip got me motivated to get back into nursery mode.  i promised myself i would be done with the nursery by 32 weeks, which is 6 weeks away.  the bedding/furniture should be wrapped up by 30 weeks.  what is left is wall decor, closet organization, and functional items (changing station, lamp, etc).  i promise I'll update here when i feel like there has been a worthy change, but so far I haven't done ANYTHING since I last showed pictures.  part of my motivation included me doing some sewing projects...yes, you read that right ME + SEWING! mom sent down 2 (yes, 2) sewing machines for me to cut my teeth on and Sunday I sat down with the machine, the instructions, a spool of thread, and the cheapest fabric i could find to practice with.  and the result:

crappy iphone quality picture...BUT, check out those corners!
 I'm not one to brag, but hell Martha White (or whoever it was that sewed that flag) ain't got nuthin' on me!!! I knocked out perfect mitred corners without even touching a seam ripper! my plan for these new found skills is to sew a blanket to match the bedding (mostly for decoration, i know I'm not supposed to cover my child with a blanket while she sleeps...save the lectures) and some throw pillows for the crib and glider.  i have really good intentions of starting the real projects this week before I forget what I did on the practice round.  I will definitely update on these projects just so i can brag some more keep you in the loop!

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