Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The first prenatal visit

On May 7, at 2:45 pm we made our way to Parkridge hospital to meet perhaps one of the more important people in my life during the next 9 months.  Having just moved to Chattanooga and no one knowing that we were expecting made finding a good OB a tad tricky.  This is not one of those time where you just roll the "Yellow Pages" dice, so to speak. 

After some prodding and crafty conversations I made an appointment with a doctor and didn't look back, looking back, I'm thinking we have made a good decision. 

Chuck and I sat in the waiting room together for a few short minutes before being called back (well actually they didn't call me, but some other chick with a similar name...causing a minor room placement issue for Chuck --that the nurses found highly entertaining--clearly I was anxious...sue me!).  The appointment was quick and painless and I highly expected the opposite.  Within the first 10 minutes we were looking at an ultrasound image of what would become our baby...I say it that way, because honestly, it was so small it did not even resemble a baby, or a peanut, or even a gummy bear.  None of that mattered, because what did matter was the flickering we saw on the screen in the vicinity of what he was calling baby! That's right...A HEALTHY HEARTBEAT!  All of my worrying and nervousness from the last several weeks just vanished and I just stared a that little blinking white blob...happy. 

Chuck didn't have a clue what he was looking at (and how can you blame him), he was convinced the baby was the entire blank mass that I'm pretty sure is my whole damn uterus.  After a few questions though, the doc had him straightened out and he proudly proclaimed.."i guess it is all heart right now, because that is all I see!".  And here is our baby / giant heart!

that blob in between the two crosses...that's my child :)

After the ultrasound, we spent several minutes asking questions and discussing the logistics of vitamins, diets, do's and don'ts.  Next appointment, 4 more weeks.  Right after we return from vacation...

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